Displaying questions based on response in select multiple question that is part of a repeat group in Kobocollect

Hello, I urgently need help with this:

I have 3 questions grouped at the bottom of my form and I need each one to be displayed depending on the choices selected in a multiple-choice question from a previous section.

The problem is that this multiple-choice question is part of a repeating group. I just need these choices to be selected at least one time, by at least one member of the HH roster, so the questions can display correctly. In the enketo web form format it works fine, but when I run it in the kobocollect android app (which is what I need) and get to the multiple-choice question and try to move forward, this error pops up:

I understand that the problem is in the conditions that I placed in the questions I want to be displayed at the end of the form (in the “relevant” column), but I don’t know how to fix the error.

Here is a link to the XLS file: Prueba.xlsx - Google Sheets

Prueba.xlsx (14.3 KB)

Thank you very much!

Welcome to the community, @rguardione! Could you also share with us a screenshot of the issue (i.e., what did you expect when you selected certain choices from the specific question)?