Displaying the skip logic and validation while printing the survey form in PDF?


Any update on this feature?

@hm11, could you be more specific so that the community should be able to help you out?

hi @Kal_Lam. Is there a way to download the survey form in PDF with details on the set skip logics and validation settings?

@hm11, do you mean you wish to see the skip logic and validation while printing the survey form in PDF?

yes @Kal_Lam , the skip logics and validation applied to each of the questions in the survey form

@hm11, could you provide a sample of how it should look like so that we could document this post as a new features request if we don’t have this feature supported yet?

Hi @Kal_Lam , here’s a sample. If there is a way to simplify the appearance of the logics (e.g., instead of .>=7 and .<=45, 7 to 45 only) to for ease of understanding by the readers, better.

The purpose of the inquiry/request is to somehow facilitate the process of reviewing or soliciting comments on the survey form, particularly on how the questionnaire was designed or structured.

Thank you so much!

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This is a great sample. However, please be informed that this feature is not present at the moment. Am pinging @martijnr to see if this could be possible in the upcoming days? cc: @Josh

Hi @hm11, you should be able to get something close to your desired outcome by using the “Guidance Hint” for a question. This is hidden during data collection (but can be revealed) and is included in the PDF view:

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hi @Kal_Lam , noted that this particular feature is not yet present in the current system design of KoBoToolbox

and yes please to checking the possibility to include this as a feature request in the upcoming days.

thank you so much!

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hi @Josh , thank you for this suggestion as well. however, have already considered this option beforehand coming from this earliest post (How to download forms in PDF? - #7 by Kal_Lam) as mentioned by @Kal_Lam and @wroos in one of their replies

we can see that using the Guidance Hint space can work with questions with simple or few skip logics and we can even simplify the logics in layman’s terms if we want to. but, for questions with multiple settings (e.g., combination of a constraint, relevant and calculation, etc.), I think it will be more challenging to somewhat inefficient especially when it comes to the process of building the survey form

nonetheless, we’ll give this another try and look for some other workarounds on our end for now

thank you again!

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Hi @hm11, you are also welcome to create a suggestion at #feature-wishlist and let the community vote if this is a feature they will also benefit from.

Another option is for your intended audience of this feature to just have a copy of the XLSForm while reviewing the responses, or a simplified version of it that contains the logic.