Distinguish skipped from non-answered questions

I’m using Power BI to get data from a form. In this form we have some question logic. How do I distinguish in the data output if a respondent didn’t answer a question because it was never shown to them because of skip logic (so they couldn’t answer the question) rather than just skipping the question because they didn’t want to respond? At the moment they all are just shown as null.


@naledi_h, maybe this post discussed previously should help you understand how a skipped question is handled in Power BI:

Hi, that’s not quite the issue. I have all the questions coming in. But if for example Question 2 is only shown if the response to Q1 was a specific value, ten people took the survey, but we only have eight responses to Question 2, is there a way to tell if the two who didn’t respond just didn’t want to give an answer to Q2 or if they weren’t shown it because of the question logic. Obviously I could recreate the question logic in the data prep to determine where questions weren’t shown, but this would be quite tedious. When I was working with CommCare data in the past an unanswered field was marked as either not answered or not shown, in order to make this distinction easily.

@naledi_h, maybe your form should also be affected if Q2 does not have a required true. If it should have the required true and the information in Q2 is missing then it’s due to a skip logic.