Django - LDAP Authentication on Active Directory


I am trying this but in settings but nothing in is empty

If some one implemented Active Directory ,please guide me

Tutorial Django - LDAP Authentication on Active Directory [ Step by Step ] (

@Kal_Lam @jnm

kindly assist here

@Kal_Lam busy ? Please help on this

Hi @Mdkhamru, unfortunately integrating this into Kobo is not a trivial task and will require some planning and development time from the team. If you are interested in taking on that development effort, we will be able to offer some guidance and consider merging a PR if it passes review.

You are welcome to add this to the Suggestion Box and the community can then vote as to whether this is something that will benefit them too.

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Hello @Josh

Thanks for reply but when i check the Django it is empty file ( ) in KPI docker , can help me where i can find the Django configuration so that i can start working my end, if that i will post the tutorial here so that it will help many

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Hi @Mdkhamru, have you tried looking in the settings file?

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