Do submissions to surveys count for the free storage of 1 GB

I am planning to use Kobo for data collection for our projectwork. It says that we have 1gb storage for free. It is difficult for me to grasp if this storage is enough. We will have a lot of projects/surveys running at the same time and we plan to receive up to max 12000 responses within one year (simple surveys without media data etc.). Will 1 GB be enough for us? And how long do i have acces to my projects?

@chopster, kindly note that submission counts and storage space are two different things. The submission counts are used to count the interviews you have submitted to the server. In contrast, the storage space is used to store any media files like the audio, video, and images you store along with the submissions.

The system will provide you with 5k submissions and 1 GB of storage for free. If you need to exceed this threshold, you will need to pay for the additional submission or storage you intend to make. Feel free to reach us at for more information on upgrading. You should also be able to learn more about the pricing structure on KoboToolbox here.

Thank you for clarifying. I wanted to confirm if submissions also contribute to storage usage. Additionally, I’m interested in knowing the duration for which submissions and projects will remain stored in my account. Regarding the 5000 submissions, I observed that the free submissions reset monthly. If, for instance, I have 5000 submissions in one month and 2000 in the following month, do I need to upgrade my payment plan or are the 5000 submissions allotted per month regardless of previous usage? Thank you for your kind help!

No submissions and storage are two different aspects. You only have a provision of 5k submissions per month and 1 GB of storage (in total for your account).

@chopster, if you intend to collect less than 5k submissions for the subsequent month, you will not need to upgrade your account. You will only need to upgrade your account if you wish to collect submissions of more than 5k per month.

I hope I was able to make your query clear.