Do you think everyone who uses the app will have to create a ‘new’ user ID under the server?

Do you think everyone who uses the app will have to create a ‘new’ user ID under the server, which means everyone will be registering themselves as an ‘organization’ indeed. Isn’t that like multiple users for the same organization?

Could you kindly detail the context so that we could provide you with a better response that should solve your issue?

I mean - let’s assume we have 4 people working in the organization and few people joining us temporarily as volunteers.

To allow them to enter ‘new entries’ in a form - is it mandatory that we ask them to create a NEW USER ID on server, since our forms are created on that server? Or is there a simpler way to allow them to enter new entries in the form, without the need for me to share our Username/password - to be filled on Kobocollect app.?

No! As a project owner, I would recommend you to have 2 user accounts on the same server (whichever you wish to have based on your needs and requirements). Here one account should be the admin user account. You will be uploading and managing your survey project through this admin user account. It would be best if you never shared the login credentials of your admin user account with anyone else (security reasons). Then the other account would be the enumerator's user account. You will need to share your projects from the admin account to this enumerators account (restricting various access to your needs and requirements).

Basically, you will need only 2 user accounts, and it’s you who should create this. However, if the enumerator wishes to collect data through their own user account, you could also use their user account as an enumerator’s user account.

This is a good idea. However, what about unique identifier?
How to exactly know who submitted the form, since the enumerator’s USER will be constant?

You will have to mange the username as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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Hi @jeevanshiksha
I believe your issue below if answered by what @Kal_Lam has suggested may not fully answer the last part of your query i.e. enumerator’s USER (name) will be constant.

Using one user name to collect data is the most ideal approach in terms of managing the number of accounts you need for data collection. When you however need to identify which data collector made a submission, you could resort to non-device approaches which have been used in population studies. One such example is providing a unique ID to the interviewers and then adding a question that requires them to enter that Unique ID. You could also lock the question to only proceed if one of the provided ID’s has been entered. Through this approach, you could identify which user actually submitted the record despite all of them using one ID.

Not to belabor on what @Kal_Lam had indicated, your earlier query on

NO this is not necessary. However, if you think you need to give these people permission to edit the project itself, then you are better off creating an account for all your 4 users. I would suggest you develop a decision flow that will help you decide how many accounts you need. The more accounts you create, the more you need to manage separately. Please see a sample of a decision tree I normally use

Then ensure you keep a log of all user accounts you create.


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