Do you wish to participate in this survey? yes to continue and no to end survey

How can I create a logic or an option to allow the user when pressing no to end the survey? from the form builder itself? as I am not really good with working with excel, and even when I downloaded the xlsform and added the ${QC}=β€˜1’ under relevant and tried uploading it again, I got an error message on the builder, thank you

Welcome to the community, @christinak85! You could do this by adding a skip logic to a group of questions as outlined in the post discussed here:

As a backup, you could also have a look at our support article Adding Skip Logic and Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups.

@Kal_Lam Thank you so much for your reply, but my survey consists of around 185 questions, so it would be too much to add a skip logic to all questions, I just wanted the beginning question to determine, do you wish to participate? if yes it goes to the next question, if no to go to the end question and say thank you for taking the time… etc, thank you so much

You can put 184 questions in a group, and add skip logic on the group.


Thank you, your answer was very helpful.

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