Does KoBoToolbox has any default average function like Excel

We know excel has it’s own average function, like AVERAGE(A1:A3). But to make average in KoBoToolbox form, first, we need to summation two numbers then divided by 2 (div2). It looks like a longer system to make an average. So I want to know, Does KoBoToolbox have any average function?

Hi @tanzilhuda,

I am afraid not at the moment. You will need to use the calculate function to get an average.


Ok, I got it. Thank you very much

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BTW, I dont know the context of where your set of numbers of coming from, but if you have a repeat group and want to, say, generate an average of all the values entered, then there is a very useful function - sum() - which, when used in conjunction with count() - can be used to calculate an average (which is far less messy than writing a bunch of ${a1} + ${a3} + ${a3} …). Again, this is intended for calculation against multiple values collected via a repeat group.