Double deployment needed when importing XLSform via URL


After updating a form using the “import an XLSform via URL” (fig.1) I need to click the REDEPLOY button twice. If the XLSform is uploaded as a file then a single click on the REDEPLOY is enough (as expected).

+1 feature request:
– it would be nice if kobotoolbox could remember the url, so that the next time it could be reused. Ideally the URL field in the URL textbox (fig.1) should be prefilled with the previous link.
– and/or it wd also be nice if the cursor would be automatically placed into the URL field… (wd spare some clicks)


I use

Hi @czb,

Welcome back to the community! Kindly please be informed that the issue you have identified has been informed to the developers. Thank you for letting us know! Will reach back to you when it has been solved!

Have a great day!