Double entry of numeric figure as well as thousand-sep value

Is there a way to hide the numeric figured entered once the thousand-sep version of the same figure is prompted?

For example: 300000 is entered and because I have coded the thousand-sep when I press ENTER/jump on the next entry the 300,000 (figure with the thousand-sep) come up. But, both the figures remain on the page. Unless you delete manually the 300000.

Any suggestion or clarification on this would be of great help.


What are you collecting your data with? Could you share with us a screenshot of the same so that we could understand your issue further better?

Through web Enketo. PFA the screenshot.

@msharma, could you check this outside the Form Preview mode that is could you have a look with Enketo or Collect android app to see how it behaves?

Sure. WIll check and share.

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Hey @msharma and @Kal_Lam , was there any resolution to this issue? I have the exact issue so I am also interested in eliminating the double appearance of entries on the form when using thousands-sep. I am using enketo in a similar grid theme. The issue persists into the prints as well.

Alternatively, I was also wondering if a regex code exists that would create a similar comma appearance in number entries into a field?

Any thoughts on this @martijnr?

Hi Jack,

I could not figure out what the issue was so just kept it as it is. When I extract and download the data it is coming as a single entry properly with the comas. So working for me.

Hope this helps.


Hey Mary,

Unfortunately, in my case, there are times the PDF print out of the filled form is my deliverable so I really need to figure out how to show only the comma separated figure not the double view. It’s kind of tricky for large numbers not to have the separators coz it could be a source of erroneous entries.

So I’m open to ideas.

Hi Jack,

Indeed the comma sep feature in KoBo really helps when we collect data in millions. Unfortunately, me and my colleagues could not figure out how to stop the double view (which def kills the whole look too).

Sorry friend, could not be of much help.

@Kal_Lam and team would be best to guide us here.


Hey guys,

Any luck yet? Or it could be a feature update?

Hi @marc, can you please share your XLSForm here or with me privately so I can test this. If it is a bug, then I will create an issue on GitHub :+1:

Hey Josh,

I’m currently out of town without my laptop & credentials. However, if Kal can share privately with you the link to my earlier form on enketo with grid theme. You could see the issue well but It seems to be a bug with any grid-theme layout with cells that have thousands-sep appearance. Since Mary had a similar issue.

Alternatively, I can try to make a quick XLS form online in the morning and post it here? Which would you prefer?

Definitely looking forward to any possible solution we can arrive at.

Hi @marc, if you can share an XLSForm with the issue that would be appreciated :+1:

Hey, I have created a simple form to illustrate the issue for everyone. I have deployed it on Kobo Humanitarian server. The link is Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox. The XLS form is here as well. Let me know if this will suffice and any ideas to resolve.

double vison bug.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Hey @Josh , @Kal_Lam and @martijnr Any insights yet from the shared form on a way to rectify the issue?
Oh and Happy new year.