Download data with column

Dear team. I have a problem with download the data. I have used my form to collect the data, then I come up with new idea of the question and have changed some question names. It’s shown in the table but was not shown in the export option.

here is my data. I changed the column name from D_Date_of_infection to Date_of_infection_1. In the table it’s still there but in the export option is not there, only the option with the new name

Hello @manh_nguyen,
It seems that the variable list (on the right) is only based on the current form version. But with all and including all versions you should still get the old variables too (as in the table view).


I see, so with the select question to be export I cannot get the data in the column with old name. Thank you @wroos

Hello @manh_nguyen,
If you keep for the downliad/export all (default), i.e. do not use the select, and use the default include all versions (dee advanced options) you should get both variables, but in separate colums.