Download individual record with data and photo

Good morning community.

I really need your help, because of the Covid19 issue in the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture we have decided to use digital tickets to collect information about activities with producers. The problem I have is that I already have 1600 records of information collected by the technicians, but I need to file this information in the format of each digital ticket with its full data and photos (which one should observe when entering the table and opening an individual record) . the problem is that I need to download and save those 1600 records in pdf and kobo only allows me to visualize one at a time. Downloading Excel does not help me because there it does not appear in the ballot structure nor does the photo of that activity appear (only the name of the photo appears). Do you know how I could download those 1600 ballots with that structure and the photo embedded in each ballot?

I really appreciate your help


Hi @Freddy.agrimensor,

Welcome to the community! Have you gone through the support article DOWNLOADING PHOTOS AND OTHER MEDIA. It should solve your issue.

Have a great day!