Download of interview data in axles format from cloned project

Dear all,
We are using Kobocollect to design a digital scorecard that is used to select students for our project. With the first school, all went well and we could download the data in excel perfectly. But today, we were in another school and we cloned the same previous tool and simply edited the headings and the names of participants and the judges. When the exercises started, all the forms were coming in easily, but when It reached the download session, the axles downloaded brought data (Names of judges and students) from the previous project instead. So I can’t download data in the form of “labels and values” but can download in the form of “labels” only and that’s when it brings the current data. But that means I have to code manually again, which is very tedious considering the volume of the data. What can I do or what could have gone wrong?

Welcome back to the community, @jotim! Could you explain us the process you followed in detail so that we could troubleshoot your issue?

Could you also share us a screenshot of the error message you see when trying to download your data?