Download photos by date

Hello KoBo Community. Is there any way to download photos by date? I have to weekly report the progress of my project, including media. Everytime I download media, all the bulk of data since the project started gets downloaded, which makes very difficult to find the last week´s photos as the projects goes on.
It would be really helpful if somehow I could select data by date before downloading them. Please let me know if this is possible.

Welcome to the community, @tecnicoSIG! Please be informed that filtering media files for downloads by date is not currently available with KoBoToolbox. We however already have a feature request discussion for this. Maybe you could follow the same here:

Hi @tecnicoSIG, as a work-around, you can follow the thread here:

If you are familiar with a terminal, you can also try this script.

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Thanks Kar_Lam, I manage to complete the task by using Firefox and DownloadThemAll


Thanks for the information!