Downloaded data from 1 country is in text not numerical

Hi, love Kobo! I had 4 countries that used the Kobo survey I created for an anti-early child marriage project. It went great, but of 4 countries, one countries data when downloaded into an .xls sheet, the variable names were replaced with the question names (What is your age, instead of Age_respondent), and all the choices were in text vs. numbers (i.e. ‘your father’ instead of 2). This is odd because it was only one country, and they all had the same survey. Can you help me convert these? If I have to convert them in the xls sheet it is a huge data set so will take time, and I may make mistakes. Thanks so much!

Hi @toddanitkin and welcome to the community!

When you click on DATA > Downloads, you’ll see Value and header format and advanced options.

Can you check the preferences in there to see if they are different from your 3 other forms?

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Thanks so much! I just changed it from English to Count and everything was perfect…l. you saved me HOURS AND HOURS of tedious work. Thank you so much! I will update the community page if I can to tell people what occurred and how to fix it. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!!

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