Downloaded data from Kobotoolbox

I have created a form and managed to collect data,I can see all columns on Table but when i download my data in xls some columns are missing i don’t understand what is causing this.

Hi @LeenTesha and welcome to the community!

Do you have repeat groups in your form?

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Welcome @peepul_mel,
Did you use the download option Include data from all … versions?
You may have a look at the Help Center article, please: Exporting and Downloading Your Data — KoboToolbox documentation

General hint: Don’t forget to always use the Online validator to check your form during devrlopment snd before deployment.

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no, I don’t have repeat groups

I have also included the option to download latest version

@LeenTesha, are they visible in the DATA>TAble View?

Yes @Kal_Lam , they are visible