Downloading audio recordings

Hi guys. I’ve been conducting a survey, and had enumerators to collect data with kobocollect on tablets then upload to Kobo Toolbox. One of their tasks was to hold a discussion with project beneficiaries and use a kobo-designed form to record the discussion (s). All went well. problem now, is that I can’t download/access the recordings. I can see their submissions, but upon clicking the sound icon in the recording columns it keeps on loading with no result ( I tried being patient up to more than 2 hours) .
Discussions would go up to an hour (1 Hour)

Please assist how I can gain access to these recordings. Thank you.

Hi @rukudzo,

Have you looked at the help article: Downloading Photos and Other Media — KoboToolbox documentation?

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Thank you, I had not. Now that I have, it seems like its now downloading all of the files at once (.zip), which is way better. Thank you for the support. Will be back with feedback.


Thank you, everything well. Thank you for your assistance.