Downloading data directly through an API

With legacy I could download data directly to excel using the below format if the data is publicly sharable:

This is no longer working since today morning.

How do I go about this since this is an important feature that we have been using

Could you also share the screenshot of the error message it throws?

Maybe you could do it using the following API:

Here you will need to find the 1314 number as outlined in the support article Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query. Once you find this number you could replace the number and then place the same in the browser to directly download your data.

Thank you @Kal_Lam

I was able to download using this method. But still have an issue since the data download has xml values and headers.

How do I download the one with labels?

@dkuria, could you also share (maybe a screenshot of) what you were able to download and what you expect with the download?

What I got

What I expect

OK. FYI please be informed that we do have a features request for this that should solve your issue:

Back to my first post, can this feature be returned, since it worked well, simple steps and we were able to get data with labels

I believe it only existed in legacy, but stopped working after some of the legacy features were dropped. It is frustrating since we had automated some of our functions involving many forms.

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I am getting this same issue but trying to access a CSV:

Any suggestions?


Welcome back to the community, @pkhn! We will get back to you after having a closer look at this issue.


I managed to solve it with the following instructions:


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We were able to download reports/data to excel by creating the below simple url:

It is not working anymore., I believe because of the changes to legacy interface. Can this be integrated/reinstated to the new interface.

The new interface, for data download, to csv/xls, a new url is created every time.