Downloading form to ODK Collect failed

Dear reader.

When I am trying to download the form to ODK collect, I get the following message:

I have removed the name and the ID of the form (I do not think it is relevant). In this form, a lot of tables are used, together around 2 kb., but I don’t think that is the problem. Can someone help me with problem?


@Webex, could you first validate your xlsform with this online validator to see if there are any issues?

@Kal_Lam, I already did that and got this:

No error messages, only some questions in yellow, but in earlier forms no problems arise if I leave it like this.

Have you configured your ODK Collect android app as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Yes, in de url of the server settings is written… (with the reference where the data is sent to) . With the other projects we experience no problems with downloading the forms.

Is it possible for you to share your xlsform with the community? Maybe we could have a closer look at it then.

I have looked into it again, uploaded it the ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x and everything looks fine, but unfortunately I still cannot download it on the ODK Collect.

Yes it is possible to share the xlsform with the community:

Form v7-soilDescription.xlsx (42.7 KB)

I hope to find out what is going wrong.

Thanks in advance

Seems like you have csv files too:

Would you mind sharing them too? Maybe you could simply share a sample of the same, but please note that the variable names of the csv should be a real one.

Yes, I can. There are a lot of tables, which is a bit too much to share. That is why it is, indeed, better to share only a sample o them.

6__1_list.csv (1.5 KB) 9__2a_list.csv (1.1 KB) 9__2b_list.csv (1.3 KB) 10__3_moisture_list.csv (1.4 KB) 10__3_temperature_list.csv (1.8 KB) 11__2_list.csv (2.1 KB) 11__4_first_list.csv (724 Bytes) 11__4_second_list.csv (2.1 KB) 11__5_list.csv (1.4 KB) 12__3_list.csv (1.4 KB) 12__6_list.csv (884 Bytes) 12__7_list.csv (1.3 KB) 13__NULL_list.csv (1.9 KB) 14__8_first_list.csv (1.4 KB) 14__8_second_list.csv (2.3 KB) 14__8_third_list.csv (3.9 KB) 15__9_first_list.csv (1.3 KB) 15__9_second_list.csv (4.9 KB) 15__10_list.csv (4.7 KB) 16__11_first_list.csv (1.1 KB) 16__11_second_list.csv (3.0 KB) 18__12_class_list.csv (927 Bytes) 18__12_group_list.csv (3.8 KB) 18__12_type_list.csv (11.1 KB) 19__13_list.csv (3.9 KB) 21__14_cover_list.csv (1.4 KB) 21__14_distance_list.csv (1.1 KB) 22__15_cover_list.csv (1.4 KB) 22__15_size_list.csv (1.3 KB)

I hope this is sufficient?

My thanks!

Quickly looking to one of your csv file I could see some characters that are not supported as a header in a csv file:

Could you kindly fix them and try uploading the same to your user account? It should solve your issue.

If I understand you correctly, I should remove all the “NA” and “NA…1” and “media…image” in all the CSV files?

Thanks for looking into this!

NA. is not allowed, hence try using NA. Similarly, NA..1 is not allowed, hence try using NA_1. In the same way media..image is not allowed, hence try using media_image. This change should solve your issue. Make sure you fix these issues with other csv file too.

Hi @Webex
You need to comply with the naming of variables rules as detailed in the following topic


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