Downloading labels from the "Legacy interface"

A few months ago, I deployed a survey using the “legacy interface”, but I am unable to download the SPSS labels syntax. The “new user interface” allows downloading labels, but I can only access my own project through the legacy interface (which will be removed soon) because I used it to upload my ODK form. I am thinking of re-uploading the survey on the new interface only for the sake of downloading the labels, however I am wondering if there is a simple way whereby I can download those labels from the legacy interface? Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @sma96,

At the moment there is no such option (downloading SPSS labels syntax) in the project (legacy) interface. It only has the following Download data options:
Excel Analyser
Advanced Downloads (beta)

While in the project interface you will find a number of data export options (including SPSS labels):
XLS (legacy)
CSV (legacy)
Media Attachments (ZIP)
GPS coordinates (KML)
Excel Analyser
SPSS Labels

Maybe the way you are doing at the moment by uploading the XLS survey forms in the Project Interface (for the project that has already been uploaded- survey questionnaire, and downloaded- survey dataset) and then downloading the SPSS labels syntax would really be an eye opener for many who in use the project (legacy) for uploading/ downloading the survey data.

Thank you for your reply

If you have access to a copy of Stata, you can use the program created here to nicely label the dataset and choices. SPSS can read Stata files, so you could save the dta and then open it in SPSS.