Downloading Large Media


I have a form with 241 image submissions. I have created a media export for it which is 3.6 GB in size. When I download this zip file and try to extract it, it gives me an error that the zip file is corrupt, I have tried creating new exports and downloaded the data a few times but the same problem persists.

One problem that I have noticed with the zip file is that it shows 3.6 GB for size but if I open it with winrar or 7zip, it only shows the size to be around 1.43 GB which is strange.


After trying multiple times, I had to use the API and download images one by one by looping which has worked fine and the images also open fine, which reassures that there is a problem at server level when creating the zip file for media. Can someone look into this ? or guide what could be wrong ?

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @junaidjabbar01! We have some issues coming up in the forum. We will investigate and update you soon.

@junaidjabbar01, try using this approach as outlined in this post discussed previously: