Downloading the whole kobo data in a single excel sheet for multiple groups

We have designed a kobo toolbox form for a household interview Survey which has 4 parts or groups. Now, when we download or export the file; it splits into 4 separate excel sheets. But we want to download the whole data in a single excel sheet while downloading or exporting it. Now, suggest us the way on; how to do it?strong text

Hi @Ahad_Hossain_37 and welcome to the community!

If you have repeat groups (rosters) in your form, each repeat group will be in a different sheet.

The resulting data structure from a roster is different from the data you normally see with other variables or groups. When downloading your data, you will see a different sheet for each roster (i.e. the number of additional sheets corresponds with the number of repeating groups that you have within your survey form).

You can use index column or id column to match and create your desired link between your repeat group sheets and your parent (main) sheet.

You can find more information in this help article:

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@Ahad_Hossain_37, downloading all the repeat groups in a single sheet is not possible within the system. But you should be able to get the desired dataset by following this support article Merging Individual Data with Roster Data through Power Query in Excel.