Draft saving lost before submission


Our enumerator saved his completed surveys as drafts, as he did not have any network to submit them. When he was back in the city and ready to submit, all the drafts/data were gone.

How can we solve this?

Thank you

Welcome back to the community, @co2balancemaria! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi Kal,

This doesn’t apply to my situation as our issue happened using Kobocollect on an android phone.

Do you have any other advice?



@co2balancemaria, the Collect android app also has a feature to automatically submit the submissions to the server when the device is connected to a network. Maybe the same might have happened with your team, who have reported that their drafts have disappeared.

If this is the case, you may need to check the server to see if his/her submissions have arrived there. You should also be able to check his/her app setting to see if this feature is on.

You can check it under the Settings>Form management>Auto send as shown in the image below:

Hi Kal,

Unfortunately that’s not the case either as we have not received any submissions.

The enumerator confirmed they were all saved correctly as drafts, and then, the next time he opened the app they were gone.



@co2balancemaria, the submissions stored in the app do not disappear automatically unless someone resets the app or deletes it purposely. However, if this did happen, you could be lucky, and extract the data from the app by following this post discussed previously (if there are traces of the data in the app):