Dropdown List now showing in android App

deployed a KOBO form with drop down list. In dropdown list showing where as in Android App dropdown list not showing to few user. Both Screen shots are enclosed herewith.

Kindly help.

Second screenshot .

Welcome to the community, @digitalsakhi! Maybe you will also need to share your XLSForm (with the relevant portion) with the community so that the community can understand your issue pictorially.

I am facing difficulty in sharing XLSForm here. Since i am new user to community , i am not allowed to share attachments. Is there any alternate way to share XLSForm here.

@digitalsakhi, you should now be able to share your XLSForm. Try refreshing your page if you should still have sharing issues.

Hi, @Kal_Lam
As requested by you, XLSForm is enclosed herewith.

Thankyou for your response.

dsmasterdata.csv (583 Bytes)
01 House Hold Data Collection 010223.xlsx (17.3 KB)

@digitalsakhi, for which row are you trying to make a drop down? Is it for the pulldata value?

Its 6th Row. village name. Its not pulldata value…