Dropdown mistakes in dataset

Dear all,
We have about 10.000 data-Set every month incoming and a few questions with dropdown menus. For these questions sometimes random answers appear in the data-set like abc or a mix of several answers with abc, even though they are not part of the predefined answer possibilities.
How can we avoid this mistake and reverse it?
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Welcome to the community, @kkellner! Could you kindly share with the community a screenshot of your issue so that we could understand it pictoriallyand help you out?

Did you check this form with the Online validator, please?
Was the form changed during data collection, e.g. concerning choices?
Do the problematic cases have another form version number?

These are the Dropdown possibilities:

This is shown in the list in various combinations (e.g. a, ab, abc, abc + name, serveral names after each other):

The form was changed after the mistake appeared. Before it was a multi-entry-question. Now it’s a single-entry-question.

Similar mistake apperas to an other multi entry question in my form. This is the dropdown:
I din’t change anything. after one month the “mango wood” etries all apply as “a” in the excel download but in Kobo, they are still listed as “mango wood”.

Where can I find the version number to check?

Can you also share your settings for the table view and your settings for the data export, please? XML headers/values or Labels? All versions included?

Can you also share a related example from your choices sheet, incl. the column titles, please?

You should also search for “abc” in your choices sheet? It might be a choice name (or a label)?

Hi @wroos,
Yes I checked the Online validator and the form is running smoothly.
These are the export settings:

Choice fields look like (single entry):

and (multiple entry):

In the choice sheet I cannot search for “abc”, i can only search by clicking on one of the choice-options.

Mistakes appear in all 3 version types.

Inside the Excel xlsx file of the (empty) form, you can use Strg+F or search in the menu to search for a text element, e.g. abc in the choices sheet.

Could you clone the project/form and try some test cases, please? If you cannot reproduce the error with the clone, it is probably a result if some changes you have made to related questions/choices during data collection.

You can see in other postings to the forum that those changes during data collection should better be avoided, e.g. through systematic pretests. If a change cannot be avoided, detailed testing with a clone, incl. data export, is suggested before changing the original form

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Dear Wroos,
thank you for your reply. I’m sure that the mistakes accured due to changes during collection. Is it somehow possible to undo the mistakes? If I clone the project I loose the already entered data.

This is just to try to reproduce and locate the error.

I cloned the project. The mistake is not happening again. I can share the clone with you, if you want to do some trials. In case, please send me your user name.