Duplicate check of data entry via to different questions

I want to record data from field against a primary key (for example ID_1), but i have 3 types (A,B,C) of data collection which is as MCQ. How can i avoid entry of ID_1 for type A if it has been recorded earlier in the same form.

@Kal_Lam Please help me.

Welcome to the community, @amarjeetbrlps! So in your case, you will only need to register say A, B, or C once per project? Did I get you correct?

Yes sir, In the same Project. Here if the ID_1 has responded for type “A”, then in that case his next response for type “A” will not be accepted after checking the database of already submitted responses. He will have only option of saving the data for type “B”, and “C” as per the types available.

Please Help me out @Kal_Lam