Duplicate columns when I download modified survey form

I get duplicated columns when I download an updated survey form. Any idea how this comes about and how I can be able to fix it.

Welcome to the community @Greg! Could you kindly please share with the community a screenshot of the issue so that the community is able to better understand your situation and provide appropriate response.

Hi Kal_Lam, I unfortunately cannot share the data since it is private. However, there are repeated columns when I download our survey data as an Excel sheet from Kobo. For example, the column “Name of interviewee” shows up at the beginning of the excel sheet and towards the end of the excel sheet. This happens even after modifying the survey form and redeploying the latest form.

Is it possible if you could share the same with me through a private message?

Hello @Greg ,
Did you change the form related to the duplicated items?
How did you export: Did you deactivate “Include fields from all 16 deployed versions”?

Hi @wroos, I did not change the form related to the duplicated items. When I export, I do not deactivate “Include fields from all 16 deployed versions”. I wonder if that could be the issue

Hi @Greg

This could cause a potential issue but not necessarily duplication of columns. Did you share the details on private message to @Kal_Lam as earlier requested?


Yeah, I shared the issue privately with Kal_Lam. The thing is not including fields in previous deployed versions creates data loss in that we can nolonger see some of the previously collected data.

Unfortunately we are not able to support you if we cant get the sample of the XLS form and the structure of the data that you had downloaded. If you really need to resolve this kindly share the following:

  1. The XLS form version (current deployed version and if you can previous version that you had made the most changes)
  2. The data you have downloaded; you can remove all the entries and then provide one sampel line removing identifiers.

Without the above we can only speculate that this is an issue of getting data from all previously deployed versions. You can troubleshoot this by unchecking that default option to see how the data structure will appear.


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