Duplicate submissions

Hi all,

I had this same problem last year and contacted support about it and I thought it was resolved, I have multiple duplicate submissions with the same uuid. It is a submission from the same user, for the same internal id record and all the fields are the same, but for some reason appear multiple times.
I should add that only a submission time is different for a couple of seconds between the same records.

If somebody can please shed some light on why is this happening and how to prevent it.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sarah_Mac,

Thanks for flagging it out! Have shared your issue with the developers.

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We are currently having the same issue. Just as @Sarah_Mac laid it out. However, I’ve been able to see the reason for such. It happens when a submission is open to be edited in different tab or computer while the same submission is editing process in differents tab(s) or computer.

Nevertheless, I have not found a way to yet to block concurrent editing of the same submission. Hope someone will help us fix this issue.


Hi @sheku_munu_kc,

Would you mind informing us the latest date you encountered this issue. Also please let us know the server you had this issue with (i.e. OCHA or HHI).

Would like to verify the same at our end too and see if it behaves in the same way as stated.

Have a great day!

Thanks @Kal_Lam for you timely response.

The last time we encounter this is is yesterday. But we keep having the issue almost every day as long as there is concurrent editing of the same submission.
And we have kobo setup in our own server.

Hi @sheku_munu_kc,

Would you mind trying this in the server (OCHA or HHII) hosted by KoBoToobox and see how it behaves. Kindly please let us know.

Have a great day!