Duplication Problem

Hi There!
There is a trouble that i faced on kc.humanitarian server since 6-7 month and i could not find any solutions.
I created a form for using in our office. Sometimes our friends enter wrong information to survey and my role is checking regularly their entry mistakes. I correct the enrtry mistakes and submit to system back but after submission form become duplicated.

Lets say i edit suvey named “A” after submission this “A” form became 2 diffirent “A” form.

Can you help me on this issue?

Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the same.

Could you clarify the following,

How did you edit the form, could you take us through the process sharing screenshots of the process and the table view. This will help us troubleshoot.


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@Kal_Lam or @stephanealoo, I think I have a similar issue. stx00 is admin but after editing becomes the submitter, it seems like this issue happens when an account edits a survey other than the original submitter. Before editing I had 260+, now 500+. This is from the other server, not the humanitarian, it’s probably a general thing and not specific to that server.

stx29 is the original submitter, but there are other 6 copies by stx00, you can see the “173. Notas del encuestador:” column, it should be unique. This is a huge issue when triying to report survey quantity, it seems like if one is trying to inflate the results.

The method of choice has been bulk editing by selecting the desired surveys and hitting “edit” at the top. It could be a synchronisation issue between backend and frontend; the server stops responding, gives a “Failed…” message but after reloading, such edited and duplicated surveys appear.

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@nkhklkstksch, thank you for coming up with this. This should be very helpful for us to check it out at our end. Could you clarify this so that we understand your issue more clearly:

Sure @Kal_Lam. In the screenshots under column _submitted_by would be the users to which the form was shared to, stx00 being the administrator and editor. After stx00 edited stx29’s submission, this forms was duplicated instead of replacing the original form when bulk edit was used (editing by selecting surveys and clicking “edit” above). At some point I suspected this occurred because stx29 wasn’t the user editing the form, but I tried today with a different case by logging into the corresponding form submitter’s account, but it actually happened again regardless of who was editing. Actually, it neither seems to be a communication issue, it happened without any delay and without displaying the “Failed…” message. thank you for your response.

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Thank you @nkhklkstksch! This is very detailed. Will check this at my end to replicate the issue.