Dynamic attachment - values from previous project as dropdown selection in connected project


I am designing a two-step survey form.
First survey part is registration of a farmer with basic information as Name and location.
In second survey will be more detailed with age, sex, land details, crop details etc.

I am trying to fetch list of farmers registered in first survey and appear them in second survey.
Example, farmer 1, farmer 2, farmer 3 are registered in first survey. in second survey I would like to have all 3 farmers in dropdown list to just select the name and continue the next level of data.


with above article I am able to connect the forms and fetch individual text but not as array of all names and load in dropdown to select.

any help is appreciated.
If required I

Hi @prashant_nf_kobo, welcome to the community!

Right now it is not possible to create a choice list from a dynamic attachment, there is a suggestion for a new feature in here, you can upvote it:

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