Dynamic data attachment restriction in the number of columns


We are trying to use the dynamic data attachment between 2 kobo forms.
In the Parent project we have a 145 rows xlsform. When trying to import the columns of the parent project to the child project (select all columns), the loading never ends, if I select only few columns it works instantly.
So I was wondering :

  • is there a limitation in the number of columns we can link ?
  • is there an issue if column names are very long ? (ex : group_general_information/case_relation_with_HoHH)

Many thanks!

@dez_im_ope, if 145 rows do not work, what did the rows work when trying to link the two projects dynamically? However, FYI I don’t think there are limitations in the number of columns that can be linked dynamically. Maybe you will also need to check out the connections closely so that you can trace the issue.