Dynamic data attachment stop working

Hi everyone, I created a form with dynamic data attachment and it worked correctly and this week I tried to collect data in the form but it doesn´t pull the previous data and it also doesn´t allow me to select a choice. This is the function I use
instance(‘formulario_de_registro_de_asis’)/root/data[C_N_mero_de_identificaci_n = current()/…/C_N_mero_de_identificaci_n]/C_Tipo_de_documento_de_identidad_2
And here is the Excel with the configurations.
a5pbtReCVgpr2actgnts4N (1).xlsx (21.5 KB)
Can you help me please?

@andresk11, did you update any expressions in the dynamic data attachment? If yes, maybe you could go to that expression and cross-check.

@Kal_Lam I didn’t update the expressions in the dynamic data attachment

@Kal_Lam When I deployed the form a few weeks ago, it worked. This week when I tried to collect data the function didn´t work and I didn´t change or update nothing in xls. Can you help me, please?