Dynamic Data Attachments fails to bring up count

followed this article: Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation

Everything works fine except for bringing up the total count of records which is the first question in the Round 2 form. Do anyone experience the same?
Possible for anyone to guess the reason?
I didn’t do anything beyond what is mentioned in the article. Still I didn’t get why that don’t work for me?

Attaching the screenshots from mobile form.
As you see in the below screenshot, the value is shown as 0.

But with the rest, data is fetched correctly from the first Round 1 survey form.

@meerakhanna, did you try with the sample XLSForm that was attached with the support article? Please also note that the syncing time for the submissions is 5 minutes.

Yes @Kal_Lam I did that exactly. I used only the sample XLSform provided in that article. As you see, all the other fed in values do appear accurately as it was fed in round 1 survey, which means data from round 1 survey is referenced in round 2 survey form. But only the count is not appearing. Even now, I did try check it, still it is 0.

Attaching the same file which I used from the article.
Round_1.xlsx (6.7 KB)
Round_2.xlsx (7.3 KB)