Dynamic Data Attachments - Search function

I wonder if this is possible to use the Connect Project Function (allowing to dynamically preload the collected data from one parent profect into another connected child project), as a search function.
For instance:

  • In the parent form (id : water_point_id): there is one question about the potential users of a water point (a select_multiple question, with a fixed list determined in the choices tab, as usual).

  • In the child form (id : water_point_id): there is one question about the actual users of this water point (a select_multiple question). The objective would be to display only the potential users (e.g. the ones mentionned in the parent form for this specific water point (based on the id)).

I have tried with the select_one_from_file [name of the parent form with the Connect Project function].xml, and a parameter column, but no information are retrieved in the child form.

Is it possible to do such a link between the parent and child form with the Connect Project function?
If yes, how can I proceed?

Hi there! It seems like you’re trying to make a “select” question in your child form, based on the responses given in the parent form.

Is this correct?

Based on the current functionality, I don’t think this is possible.

Can you confirm?

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Hi Janna,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes, this is what I’m trying to do.