Dynamic default and read_only

I am designing the form in XLSform and I want to set read_only to be true once, ${var}=x or using if statement to return True. For example I want to set the form so if enumerator select “yes” on previous question then he/she can not edit the following question response. is there a way to set a dynamic default?
Thank you!

Could you explain this a bit further so that the community should be able to understand your issue much better?


I am asking if default can do this. or read_only. because, I want to set read_only dynamically. just base on the previous entered value

Thank you!

@DJAA, the default does not support the dynamic default (variable name) like you have used. It should only take numbers or texts as needed. Similarly the read_only should also only accept either a TURE or FALSE instead of the dynamic default (variable name) you have used.

are there any other ways to make field not editable during data collection based on the response of the previous question. without using skip?

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