Dynamic link to repeat data picks only last entry

Dear All, I have a daughter form linked to a parent form with some repeat sections.

Whenever I try pulling data from a group of repeats, each with a unique identification code, the daughter form only shows pulled data for the last entry in the repeat, and gives blank response for all others.

For instance, if I’m capturing members of a family using begin_repeat, if there are 3 members in a family and I’m capturing their Names, Ages, Schools, Class, etc and I capture for Angelina, John & Patrick.

When I try pulling data for the first 2 (Angelina & John) from a daughter form, it will return blanks, but when I specify the 3rd & last person, Patrick, it pulls out all the details.

If the family has only 1 member, Kate, and I pull from this family, I get the data, since its only 1 & last data in the set, similarly if I have 10 people in the set, it will pull out data only when I ask for the 10th (last) person.

What could be wrong here and How do I resolve it?

@elvis_pooplogg, please be informed that the dynamic data attachment does not support a repeat group.


OK, so that’s where the problem is, that’s why it is picking only the last data line in a repeat group.
There has to be a way out, because each member of the repeat group is important and may be the one required for further processing in future.

Many Thanks Kai_Lam. I’ll have to think of a way out of this.