Dynamic question

hii everyone, I am new in this community. I am facing some problem.
I want to prepare 3 sets of questions dynamically.

  1. Select the food items from the set of food items.
  2. Select the reasons for choosing every food that chose in the first question.
  3. Rank the reasons that chose in the 2nd part for every food.
    Therefore, in my case question 2 and question 3 will repeat according to the food choices in the first question. If someone chooses 5 food, then the question 2 and 3 will repeat 5 times with the name of the corresponding food. And if choose 3 food then question 2 and 3 will repeat times.
    I have already managed to do the 2nd and 3rd part dynamically. But not able to add this with 1st one. I can only able to do 1st one separately.
    It will be very nice if you could help me out to show how to use the repeat function in my case and solve the problem. I am also trying to upload the my Xls file but not able to do that as I am a new user.
    Thank you

Welcome to the community @joy1! You should now be able to upload your xlsform to the community. If you are still not able to, please refresh your browser and you should be able to upload.

thank you …here is my xls form. please see and help me out.test.xls (38.5 KB)
thank you

try this, may be it will helptest - Copy.xls (37 KB)

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