Dynamic search and filter in a drop-down list by entering the name of the beneficiary

Thanks for responding. Indeed, I was able to find a solution to my request by following your instructions. However I am still stuck on my csv list preloaded in my form. How to install a dynamic search bar based on the csv file. I use the pulldata function, and the search function but I can’t do it. the attached file is a copy as desired, highlighting the difficulty encountered and not the complete xls file of the survey. Could you help me. ?

The list of names is linked to the villages. (When selecting a village, the names of beneficiaries only from that village are taken into account in the drop-down list for that village). Also, would it be possible to put a dynamic filter?

Thank youEssai Pulldata1.xlsx (10.9 KB) listcmn.csv (95 Bytes)

Could you please check if the discussion below is relevant to your case?

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