Dynamic way to create multiple plot rosters using repeats

Hi All,

I am attempting to make form where respondents (farmers) are asked to declare the number of farming plots they have and, based on the number provided, this generates a separate plot roster for each plot (as shown in the image attached).


I have tried to do this using the indexed-repeats and nested-repeats function but have only found examples relevant to select-multiple and text-based questions. I require each new plot roster to be labelled with a numbered heading as it is in the picture attached. I also require the layout to be grid-theme only such that the matrix questions in each plot roster appear as grids.

If anyone could guide me on how to create a form that replicates the format of the attached picture, or something with similar format, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Calebbram,

You can use grouping and repeat, and you will connect the answer “How many” to the repeat count.

You can find the full details here: Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups — KoboToolbox documentation

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@calebbram, you could also follow this post discussed previously that should solve your issue: