Dynamically download media file from Stata or cmd

Can the development team make media files auto-download when view browse “[url]” is called from Stata or when explorer “[url]” is called from windows cmd. Audit .csv files generated from by the audit form element are auto-downloaded by view browse command in Stata and explorer in cmd but this is not the case for .jpg files generated by the image form element.

Welcome to the community, @victor.olajide! Could you provide the use case for this, please? Maybe our community should also have some workaround for you.

Hi Kal_Lam,

Thanks for your response. If this issue is resolved it would help me auto-download image files and automate some other file management operations. I will explain my issue with the image below.

An example of an audit.csv url is shown in (1) and when I run the view browse command in Stata as done in (2) the default browser is triggered and the file, named original, is auto-downloaded as shown in (3).

However, when I try this for images I don’t get the same result, instead when I run view browse as shown in (5) the image loads in the browser as shown in (6) but is not downloaded to my downloads folder automatically (as is the case with audit.csv files).

I would very much like that the image files auto-download as audit.csv files do. This would allow me automate file handling instead of having to manually download several image files through the browser. I have tried several browser tricks to get images to download automatically to no avail. Any help here will be greatly appreciated.