E-mail confirmation before changing e-mail account under account settings


In the “Account Settings” one can change the e-mail linked to the account. Useful if you want to “inherate” the account from a work collegue…but
Currently there is no “confirmation mail” sent to the “current account” before changing it.
Sometimes Kobo accounts are created and used more thna one indivivual so it would be good that a mail would be sent in order to confirm the cange.
EX: in my work we created and email to create several Kobo Accounts: data@myNGO.com
This mail is then forwaeded to a number of people, that would vay if thy no longer belong to the organization. THis would help avoiding problems with them having access to the data once they leave the organization.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. …I want to change the email from XXX@yyy.com to TTT@yyy.com
  2. …I go to the acoount settings and make the change…then i get a notification says that a mail has been sent to XXX@yyy.com, that I need to confrim it.
  3. …the cahnge is now done

Expected behavior

The previous owner e-mail has to give presmission before leaving the account to someone else.