Easily view on the home page when a form is shared

Hi there !

When you shared a project with another user it’s not very obvious in the home forms page (https://kobo.humanitarianresponse.info/#/forms) you have a column “share by” but you can not see if this project is shared with someone.
To know, you need to go in the settings of an individual project,

I am using KOBO Humanitarian response & ODK Collect v1.22.4.

I think it could be useful to have an easily view when you have a form that is shared with somebody on the home page. In term of data protection, it will permit to be aware of who have access to data. It can be a good reminder if someone has the rights when he should not. Also, it could save time by being uncertain if the form is shared or not and redo the process of sharing.

This feature may have different aspects:

  • add a column “shared with” on the home page
  • a logo/icon on the home page next to a project

Thanks to think about it
Chloé :slight_smile: