Edit deployed form with a select multiple .csv

I have uploaded a .csv file containing a select_one question followed by a select_multiple question. Then, I successfully deployed the form. Once I want to edit the deployed form, I can’t open the editing page clicking on “Edit”. Here is the current version of the form: Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox
(I previously uploaded correctly the form and added questions, here was the original version and correct version I launched in the web for data collection: Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox . Then I replaced the .csv form by another .csv cascading item and I can’t do anything now, not even open the new form with (only) a cascading question, which has lower size than the previous version.
Moreover, how can I restore a previous version I have replaced by error with an another deployment (I need to restore it becasue the link is in the web)

Please help me.
Thank you.

@giangiax, do you mean you wish to replace the existing version of the CSV file with the previous version of the CSV file?

Yes,for exemple.

In this case, you will need to redeploy after replacing the CSV file to make the changes effective for the survey project.