Edit submission time via API, is it possible?

Hello everybody.

I’ve tried to edit some submissions runing some Python script (described here) using the Kobo API and i’ve been successful so far.

But now i ask if it is possible to change some metadata from a submission via the API too? or is it not possible because the server security/configuration? For context, we use submission time as a valid date to make our reports about submissions, but on very rare occassions we would like to change the submission time to another month, etc. is it possible?

Sorry if this sounds a little bit crazy or something, just wanted to ask.

Thank you

Hi @Juan, unfortunately the _submission_time value is set on the server side and cannot be edited through the API as it’s not actually part of the submission’s XML. I would suggest using the start or end datetime strings for your reports as they are editable values if this is a need you have.


Ok, I understand.

Thank you so much Josh.