Edit submitted record - without authentication

Please note that I need a way to edit Kobo toolbox already submitted record without authentication.

I found a way to get the edit link from this API but it needs authentication


Hi @Ahmad, unfortunately there are only permissions to make viewing submissions public not the editing of them. Using that API endpoint is likely the best way for this and perhaps you can create a separate user with permissions to edit submissions. In that way you can use the token from that user to authenticate:

curl -X GET 'https://[edit_url]' -H 'Authorization: Token [TOKEN]'
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Thank you so much dear @Josh and well noted.

Another two queries:

Is there a way to increase the time for the edit link that is being generated from the data table (I believe that it remains valid for 30 seconds only).

Also, is there any (Steps, training) to use the token for authorization?

Again, many thanks this is was very helpful.

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@Ahmad, you should be able to get the token as outlined in the support article Using the API.

Hi @Ahmad, unfortunately the 30 second expiry is not configurable unless you run a custom Enketo instance. It can be configured here:


Thank you so much @Kal_Lam and @Josh


Hi @Josh and @Kal_Lam .

Please note that I have worked on a script to have the ability for the edit based on the above API. But I am facing the CORS ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ error.

Any ideas to pass this

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Ahmad, we can discuss this here:

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