Edited XLS file won't load with Custom Logo and "save draft" only appearing on the last page

Hello, All,

I’m very new to KoboToolbox but have been getting on with it fine except when it comes to adding a custom logo. I followed the instructions at Adding a custom logo to your form .
I downloaded my existing project XLS and added those fields at the very start but then the resulting form gets a Value error and fails to upload. Error (2)
Curiously, I am able to upload the XLS and the media file when I create a new XLS file with just the fields for the logo.

Can anyone assist me? I apologise if my question duplicates one already on the board.

Welcome to the community, @DOC! As a quick check would you mind validating your xlsform with this online validator? The online validator should be able to identify syntax issues if present.

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Thank you for the welcome and your quick response. I ran the validation tool and got this:

Error: [row : 98] Missing calculation.

On the choices sheet there is a option with no label. [list_name : Note]

With regards to the first, Row 98 contains:

I was thinking yesterday that I would have to have some information in “choices” to link back to the logo as you do when you add media to questions but the instructions said nothing about that.

@DOC, would you mind checking the calculation column of row 98 from the survey tab to see if you have any missing calculations?

Thank you for your response. But I’m not sure what to look for as this comes at the end of the survey and doesn’t appear connected to any question I had added to the form. Do you think this would have something to do with the Metadata options selected? I built the form via the website and not from scratch in XLS

I should mention that I deleted row 98 completely as an experiment and also got rid of the choices error and the online validator showed no errors after that but then I still could not upload the resultant XLS…

@DOC, would you mind sharing your xlsform with the community? The community could have a closer look at it and help you identify what the issue is.

Thank you. I sent it to you as a private message as I just saw the previous message to do so.


My preliminary findings:

Fix row 1 and row 3 first from the survey tab.

My apologies, what do you mean “fix”? What should I be adding or subtracting?


There is a duplication in the header of the xlsform which is not allowed by the system. Hence you will need to have one and delete the other. Maybe you could only keep as shown in the image shared below:

Thank you.

If I did as you suggested, keeping only what is shown in the image you shared above, would this mean that I could not have a custom logo added as per the instructions online?

@DOC, you could add custom logo as discussed in our previous post:

I saw that post. To clarify, I want a logo to appear at the top of the page. Would going the adding image to the “question” route not mean the respondent would have to make an input for the logo to appear and that I would have to fashion a question for which an image will appear somewhere in the survey below the title?

I would break your question a bit differently

Not at all, it depends on the question.


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Thank you for your response, Stephane,

If I were to attempt this via a “note” question, could you please help me with the steps? Would I have to download the XLS and edit it to add a logo? Or could I do it to the form builder? I apologise for the multiple questions but I’m just days old to Kobotoolbox


You can add this as a media within the note, as you have indicated. The choice of edit should be dependent on your form; if you feel the form builder may jumble up your form, then use the XLS version (and vice versa)


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Thank you. Is there a support article that details how to do this? Editing in XLS has been proving a nightmare for me thus far. Could I make the changes and add the logo via the form builder? If not, I’ll leave it alone. I am a novice and this has taken up too much time – mine and others here. I’ll get it right for the next survey my institution needs.
Again, thank you.

Have you checked our support articles?

I will first thing tomorrow. Right now resolving the save as draft issue not appearing on every page trumps this logo issue