Editing a form after submission via webform (Enketo)

Dear all,
I am going to roll out a survey online in the coming weeks using Enketo web forms via Kobo toolbox.

Every respondent will be sent this link and it will be a self-administered survey.

My research team wants to be able to do a quality check before the data is used. They want to review the survey and see if everything was filled in well. And if not, contact the respondent for any clarifications.

Is it possible to edit forms on Kobo Toolbox server once they are sent. Using an id, we can then trace back respondents if needed.

Please do let me know what is possible!

Hi @tasneem_kakal,

Welcome to the community! Yes, it’s possible to edit a submission once the filled up form has been successfully submitted to the KoBoToolbox server. For details on how to edit a filled up form in KoBoToolbox please feel free to have a look at our support article HOW TO EDIT OR DELETE A SINGLE SUBMISSION..

You could also validate a record by marking it with Approved as outlined in the support article RECORD VALIDATION.

Have a great day!

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@Kal_Lam This helps a lot- espeically the record validation. Thanks so much!

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