Editing a repeat group

the begin repeat has a trigger that refers to the date field when I delete the date the first group is cleaned but if I add a second this should also be cleaned and / or deleted as I can control that?

Have you tried this with Collect android app too?

Hello @gwen1805,
Could you also share the related part of the XLSForm, please, esp. the relevant clause?.

rentprogrammesupport.xlsx (12.2 KB)
I share the xsl, thanks for the help and contribution

Maybe try using the trigger outside the repeat group.

I tried, but it didn’t work for me

Hi @gwen1805
Could you please confirm if you had tried this on the KoBoCollect application and you still saw the same problems?


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in kobocollect it works but specifically this I need for the web

Have you tried dropping the use of trigger?

Of course, but the above cases remain visible and active. .

I mean remove the trigger column header.

I’ve already tried but it doesn’t work