Editing a survey project that has 'select_one_from_file' or a 'select_multiple_from_file' question type

I have a similar issue: a deployed form pulling data from an external file through select_multiple_from_file, that I need to update. Unfortunately I cannot update. I tried to follow this procedure, but I cannot save my form (in the past I designed the form in XLS and uploaded).
Once I edit my form, I get this error:
Row could not be displayed:

type=“select_multiple_from_filename=“gradeslabel=“Graderequired=“true$kuid=“X9gEpiM5h$autoname=“gradeslabel::Arabic (ar)=“الصفselect_from_list_name=“schools.csvchoice_filter=“cf=${school}

This question could not be imported. Please re-create it manually. Please contact us at help@kobotoolbox.org so we can fix this bug!

Please note that the data collection is in place and the form is regularly running (with a less updated external file).

Any advice?
Thanks a lot in advance

Welcome back to the community, @Giuliano! Yes, when you try to edit a survey project that has select_one_from_file or select_multiple_from_file from the form builder UI it shows this message. However, if you follow the steps outlined below you should be able to update your survey project that has select_one_from_file or select_multiple_from_file.

  • Download your xlsform
  • Made edits to your xlsform where needed
  • Upload and replace your edited xlsform
  • Redeploy your project

Thanks for the constant support.
I can replace the form and re-deploy, but still I cannot see the updates in the external file.

Would you mind checking the SETTINGS>Media to see if the csv file is there?

Yes, it’s there. I have actually 3 forms with the same issue.

@Giuliano, would you mind downloading your xlsform and see if all the questions are there?

I did: all the questions are there.

OK, would you mind checking your CSV file to see if they are also updated? For this you will have to download and check them manually.

You were right, the issue now was in the csv file, with some wrong position of the coma.
Anyway, after uploading the csv file in media section, I just needed to redeploy the form (without uploading the xls again) to see the new data in the form. All easy and done!

Thanks again for your valuable support @Kal_Lam

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Thank you for confirming @Giuliano!