Editing collected data - but keeping information

Is there a way to edit a submission without all the data being lost when you change the first questions? In this case, participants were mapping features outside. The first question (type of feature) then uses the ‘skip’ function to show you that feature’s related questions, but some participants entered the ‘type of feature’ incorrectly. If I try to edit the submission to a different feature, I lose the picture and geolocation. All ‘feature types’ have a picture and geolocation questions. I understand that the different features have different questions associated and so those will be changed and erased when I change the type of feature, but I’m mostly looking to retain the geolocation and photos. Is this possible?

Welcome to the community, @WendyM! If you have a question that you wish to edit, but that question is linked with constraints and skips, then if you try to make edits to that question, it will affect other questions that are linked through skips and constraints.

Maybe the best way is to make edits in your XLS format after downloading your data.